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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a digital technique that combines pictures, 3D renderings, animations, words, sound, and video to produce a final video presentation.

Motion graphics is a discipline that applies graphic design principles to filmmaking and video. Our senior motion graphic artists can create starting presentations to impress your target audience.

Motion Graphics and video production create a unique combination that produces a lasting impression on the audience and consequently reaches the ultimate goal – effectively communicating the message. ImageMaker infuses life into your corporate or industrial presentations, company identity videos, trade show presentations, and highly technological concept demonstrations, captivating the audience while clearly delivering the intended message. Our motion graphics artists have mastered all the dimensions of 2D graphic productions, and they bring their creativity and passion to the drawing board for your projects.

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Our Technology

ImageMaker offers a complete suite of motion graphics expertise for creating enchanting animations, professional videos, instructional productions and corporate and industrial videos. Experts say that 1/5th of every hour of broadcast television is the creation of motion graphic artists. With the introduction of stunning new technologies, this number is going to go up. ImageMaker helps you prepare for your present and future production needs by adopting and applying the latest motion graphics technologies.

What We Offer

ImageMaker creates motion graphics as stand-alone clips for broadcast, web or as part of our corporate presentations and documentaries. It is also extremely effective to add corporate ID and branding in an innovative manner. Stand-alone motion graphics can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and can be narrated and accompanied by music and SFX.

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Motion graphics can be part of, or used as:

  • Corporate Documentaries

  • Multimedia Presentations

  • as TV Commercials and Idents

  • as Clips on Corporate Websites

  • as Postings on Social and Business Networking Sites

  • Presentations to Institutional Investors

  • Marketing, IR and PR Packages

  • Web Banners

Strengths and Benefits of Motion Graphics:

  • visual capabilities are limitless

  • can add corporate ID and branding to a presentation in an innovative manner

  • versatile tool for visualizing 'dry statistic' subjects

  • be highly effective as a web banner

Our Motion Graphics:

  • are known to be highly creative and effective

  • add cinematic appeal to Corporate Presentations

  • stimulate the audience’s curiosity and hold their attention

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Our Approach

Our motion graphics are created in After Effects with high-end 3D elements and/or from illustrations, text, photographs, video footage or a combination of all. Motion graphics are a versatile tool for visualizing ‘dry statistic’ subjects and as alternative to static showings of illustrations, graphs and photographs. Motion graphics can add symbolism, tell several stories in a single sequence, and create reality from something imaginative or the other way around. In one word, motion graphics visual capabilities are limitless.

With ImageMaker, you don’t get graphic solutions in a box but a panoramic view of your corporate strategy laid out with clarity and distinction. It provokes your audience to think beyond the visual presentation – attracting ideas and vision for growth and expansion.

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