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Industrial Animation

With over 22 years of experience producing photorealistic 3D industrial animation videos, we will deliver 3D animation services that exceed your expectations.

After having an online WebEx meeting with you and your team, we will create a storyboard, and after your approval of the storyboard, our 3D modelers will create the necessary 3D models for your final 3D animation project.

The process of production of 3D animation goes as follows:

  • Concept development

  • Storyboarding (hand-drawn storyboard or computer still images)

  • 3D modeling of all the elements and components needed in the final 3D animation.

  • 3D modeling of the environment

  • Camera work and scene setup

  • Playblast (low-quality 3D rendering to show the camera work.)

  • Texturing of 3D models and environments

  • Full HD rendering of the 3D animation

  • Compositing of the still frames

  • Final editing and labeling

  • Music and voiceover

3D Animation uniquely reveals the unseen, telling stories of the past, present, and future, while accurately depicting complex scientific processes. ImageMaker employs technically precise 3D Animation, grounded in original technical data, for a comprehensive and engaging visualization experience.

Mining Water Positive
Oil and Gas 3D Animation

3D Industrial Animation

Developing a 3D Industrial Animation is a sophisticated process with distinct stages. Storyboarding, presented in a comic book-style format, is crucial for Art Directors and Artists. It visualizes scenes, identifies potential issues, estimates costs, and enhances overall efficiency. This complex process of 3D Modelling/Animation harnesses a powerful medium tailored for industrial applications, minimizing limitations and ensuring a compelling production.

Industrial 3D Animation and Modeling

In the realm of industrial 3D animation and modeling, precision is paramount. Utilizing Maya software, 3D Max, and Unreal Engine, objects integral to a scene are meticulously modeled in polygons, ensuring intricate detail. For heightened realism in close-up views, additional models boast higher polygon counts, delivering smoother surfaces and enhanced detail. Engineered objects like ore bodies or industrial structures are meticulously recreated from original geological, architectural, and engineering data, sourced from engineering and technical data guaranteeing comprehensive 3D information within a shell framework.

Industrial 3D Animation and Modeling
Mining 3D Animation

Industrial 3D Modeling Environments

In industrial 3D modeling environments, precision is key. Landscapes are meticulously crafted using topographic and satellite imagery data. Multiple satellite images are seamlessly stitched together to form expansive environments, requiring color correction and hand painting for a flawless finish. Higher-resolution satellite imagery yields superior results. Accurate global object placement relies on coordinates. Generic environments, built from reference materials like photos, demand time-intensive creation of realistic elements such as trees and plants. 3D modeling from original technical data ensures efficiency and precision.

3D Character Animation

3D character modeling and animation demand intricate craftsmanship, seamlessly blending artistry and technology. Precision in modeling brings characters to life, while animation adds depth and movement. This dynamic combination captures the essence of storytelling, creating immersive experiences that resonate with audiences through lifelike characters and captivating narratives.

Truck Repair Shop Health and Safety Animation
3D Animation for Oil and Gas Indusry


In 3D animation, texturing is crucial for realism, crafting skins that mirror the authentic materials of objects or environments. High-resolution textures, intricately detailed for close-ups, require skilled handcrafting from photo references. Special expertise is needed for creating lifelike water and gas textures, enhancing the visual authenticity of the animated elements.

3D Rigging

Rigging in 3D animation is the vital process of creating a skeletal structure for characters or objects, allowing them to move realistically. This intricate system involves articulating joints, controls, and constraints. Rigging is the backbone that empowers animators to bring life and fluid motion to 3D creations, ensuring dynamic and lifelike animations.

Mining Metaverse
Underground Mining 3D Animation

3D Lighting

Lighting is a pivotal aspect of 3D animation, influencing atmosphere and visual impact. Employing key light, fill light, and rim light strategically enhances dimensionality and mood. Shadows and highlights add depth, guiding focus. Global Illumination and HDR lighting techniques elevate realism, creating visually stunning and immersive environments in 3D animations.

3D Particles

3D particles are dynamic elements in animation, creating captivating visual effects. These virtual particles simulate natural phenomena like fire, smoke, or rain, adding realism and depth to scenes. Controlled by physics engines, they enhance the overall visual experience, contributing to the intricate and immersive nature of 3D animations.

3D Particles
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