3D Animation Services for Ports and Terminals

Benefits of 3D Animation and Virtual Reality in the Design and Construction of Ports and Terminals

Ports and terminals are crucial for the smooth and efficient functioning of global trade and economy.

These infrastructures are constantly under expansion, redesign, and upgrades. With increasing national and global trade and rising energy and transportation demands, ports and terminals need to function more efficiently.

3D animation and Virtual Reality are great planning and design tools for the future of ports and terminals. It can help optimize port and terminal design, from planning to construction. 3D animation and Virtual Reality is giving port architects the ability to see the design in an accurate and realistic form.

ImageMaker 3D’s animation team has extensive experience in creating technically accurate 3D modeling and animation of ports and terminals. Recently, our team worked with the Ashcroft engineering team to visualize the future plan of the Ashcroft Terminal.

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3D Visualization of BC’s Largest Inland Terminal

Ashcroft Terminal (AT) is strategically positioned to improve the supply chain for Canada’s railroads, producers and shippers. Offering a variety of solutions that maximize logistics, reduce costs, and ease traffic congestion, Ashcroft Terminal is generating tremendous interest and is gearing up for expansion.

As part of its growth and marketing strategy, AT enlisted ImageMaker’s 3D Animation team to help create the dry port facility at its fully-realized, future potential. Using the latest topographical data and satellite imagery, ImageMaker recreated Ashcroft Terminal’s expansive 320-acre property and surrounding geography in 3D. ImageMaker then carefully referenced AT’s engineering drawings to accurately model proposed facilities, tracks, infrastructure and equipment. Natural lighting, custom texture maps and animation were then used to bring the terminal’s future vision to life.

Ashcroft Terminal’s management team was delighted with the results and recently, the provincial government of British Columbia announced it will provide funding to study the feasibility of expanding the Ashcroft Terminal to improve the efficiency of the transportation corridors to and from the Lower Mainland ports.

"Finding innovative ways to move Canadian goods from source to overseas markets through our Lower Mainland ports is vital to trade and to Canada’s and B.C.’s economic success. Container volume moving through the ports is expected to grow, so we need to manage increasing congestion on our roads and at the ports. Inland ports, such as Ashcroft Terminal, have the potential to ease congestion and increase capacity of land-constrained marine ports." - Transportation Minister Todd Stone.

ImageMaker is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Ashcroft Terminal and help bring their innovative vision to life.