3D Animation Services for Oil and Gas Industry

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Many oil and gas companies still associate animation with children’s cartoons. However, the benefits of industrial 3D animation in the oil and gas industry are huge.

3D modeling, 3D visualization, 3D animation, and Virtual Reality are used increasingly in all oil and gas industry aspects.

From education and training to exploration and production, 3D animation can help oil and gas companies and suppliers of the oil and gas industry stay ahead of their competitors. 3D animation is also useful for proposal and marketing efforts.

The oil and gas drilling industry is highly technical and dangerous. Training the staff with animation and simulation avoids dangerous situations. This can help the contractors and employees to better understand the drilling process.

3D training videos can be used to train the staff before actual work on the site.

Environmental and Community Relations 3D Videos

Animations and 3D videos focusing on your company’s environmental efforts and communication with the local community will improve your company’s general brand, creating trust with local communities. This shows that your company is responsible and environmentally friendly.

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Benefits of 3D Animation and 3D Visualization in the Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Training
    It is much safer and more cost-effective to train your staff with 3D animation and simulations before going to the actual job site.

  2. Safety
    3D animation and Virtual Reality can be used to simulate dangerous scenarios in the oil and gas industry. For example, the fire on an offshore oil rig can be shown, along with the procedures for extinguishing the fire, and best methods for preventing injury to staff and firefighters.

  3. Oil and Gas Exploration
    Being able to convert technical data and geological information to a 3D model and show it on a screen in a virtual environment gives the oil and gas geologist and engineering staff the opportunity to see oil and gas reserves thousands of meters underground or under water in a realistic depiction. This gives geologists and engineers a better view of the oil reserve so they can better plan for their next exploration drilling program.

  4. Design and Planning
    Being able to see the design in 3D animation or Virtual Reality gives engineers the ability to modify and improve their design before sending it for the final manufacturing process. This can save huge amounts of money and time.

  5. Investor Relations and Community Relations
    3D animation is a great tool for investor relations and community relations presentations. It has the ability to show the future timeline of the project. It can also show details that cannot be shown in regular video footage, such as subsea oil production, and how the site will look in the future. 3D animation is a very effective communication tool for all investor relations and community relations efforts. Your company will communicate their message to the local community, gaining trust. This tool is also effective in obtaining a permitting license or showcasing the oil and gas project to your next potential client or investor.

  6. Promotion and Sales Videos
    3D animation is a great communication tool that explains projects and products in a short and effective manner, pitching a new technology and advance techniques to new potential clients. 3D animation can be used for trade shows, websites, and online marketing campaigns.

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Why Should You Hire the ImageMaker Team For Your Next Oil and Gas 3D Animation Production?

  1. Extensive Experience
    17 years of experience serving Fortune 500 and large-cap North American oil and gas companies.

  2. Above Industry Average 3D Animation Quality
    ImageMaker’s senior 3D animation staff produces stellar 3D animation quality which consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

  3. Trust
    When you work with ImageMaker you can be sure that all the data and information that you send to us will be safe and not fall into the wrong hands or distributed online. For all our 3D animation projects, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement and our entire staff will abide by that agreement. This gives your company assurance that your data and information are secure.

  4. On-Time
    From our experience, we know that deadlines are very important. Sometimes missing a deadline means that the 3D animation presentation is not needed anymore! Having a trade show on Monday and receiving your final presentation one week later does not work. When you work with the ImageMaker 3D animation team you can be sure that we will deliver on time.

  5. On Budget
    Our clients can trust us to deliver the project within the agreed budget.

    We will review all the data information before starting the project and give our client a fixed budget. We will keep the project within that budget. When you work with ImageMaker you know that you will get the highest quality 3D animation for the best possible price.

If your company is looking to create an oil and gas 3D animation, ImageMaker is the perfect partner. With 17 years of experience, and reference letters from Fortune 500 companies, you know that your next 3D animation project will be a success.